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Health precautions taken by the “Growing Together” nursery

After several weeks of closure due to the covid-19 pandemic, the nurseries will soon reopen. The health situation has not yet stabilized, no medicines or vaccines are currently available, but we will not remain in quarantine for several months, life will resume but with precaution in order to preserve the life of each and every one.
For this reason, nothing was left to chance, in line with the recommendations of the government and the health authorities, everything has been designed to guarantee the maximum health, physical and emotional safety of the children.
What is the key health protocol to reduce the risk of coronavirus contamination?

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory, a way to protect others, especially children,
  • Groups of 5 to 10 children in the room is in order to reduce the risk of contamination,
  • Strict hygiene with repeated hand washing using a hydroalcoholic solution, as well as the sterilization of surfaces, especially those that are regularly frequented,
  • Teaching children the “barrier” gestures is a positive strategy to involve them as promoters/advocates of prevention,
  • Get to know the full range of Covid-19 symptoms such as fever, fatigue and dry cough.

Optimal functioning in childcare environments is based on close collaboration between the professionals who make up the team in the nursery and the parents who are the best allies so that the children can live in an environment that stimulates their development.

18 November 2020 News