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Babies section

As your child’s development, safety and serenity is our goal, the nursery has put in place a programme that includes methods to develop the skills needed for a child to experience a caring relationship with others.

From 3 to 18 months

It is necessary for a child to acquire in his first months the security that consolidates his self-confidence as well as an assurance that he will keep all the entire life, because the baby learns the world that is given to him, more easily if he is surrounded by affection.
With this in mind, the educators spend moments of closeness and intimacy with the baby and work to turn ordinary everyday interactions into privileged moments so that the baby feels loved, appreciated and safe. In addition, they choose objects that stimulate the baby’s sight in the first place and the other senses afterwards, as well as exercises to develop his motor skills, precisely:

  • Clap your hands together,
  • Massage her palms and fingers,
  • Place her hands in different positions (on her stomach, on her back).

In the 2nd part of his 1st year of life, the baby begins to show some remarkable skills, exploring the world around him using his senses. By offering them multimodal objects to use several sensory modalities (hearing, smelling, touching, etc.), babies begin to manipulate them, put them in their mouths and thus discover all of their physical characteristics and possibilities. The more multimodal an object is, the more the baby is interested in it. Thus, through this game, the child develops his sensory perception, his gross and fine motor skills, his coordination, his lateralization as well as perception of his body.