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Tiny section

From 18 months to 3 Years:

The child’s early learning is a foundation on which he or she can build to enrich his or her knowledge throughout life. Play for the child is not only an entertainment activity, but also a means of discovery and learning. In this respect, the choice of games must be very relevant so that it is adaptable to the child’s ability as well as to the age of the child.

It is essential to rely on his curiosity and creativity to stimulate his imagination so that he can evolve, get to know himself better and develop his autonomy. At this age, the little one starts to move, use his body and situate himself in the space to discover objects, so climbing games, small tunnels prove to be a better way to encourage movement within the room which will develop his physiological motor skills.

As the child needs to develop a sense of pride and recognition when he challenges himself to prove that he can do it. On this basis, he is offered supplies adapted to his abilities to boost his self-confidence.
As well as learning different facial expressions and emotions is very important at this age and this will be done in class with his reading teachers who will help him to enrich his vocabulary and to better discover his environment.

In addition, our institution is a place to discover the world of music with lullabies and nursery rhymes:

  • Using different voice timbres,
  • By supporting the songs with gestures.

The Growing Together nursery is the place dedicated to your child where he or she can explore, discover, learn and will also be the opportunity to dream, share and learn from others.