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Material resources :

A large room equipped for children from 3 to 18 months is composed of::

  • Park beds which meet the criteria of hygiene, safety and comfort,
  • Bottle room equipped with a comfortable and safe changing table, standard sterilizers and a work surface,
  • A refrigerator that will be used to keep their small jars of compotes, milk … in the fridge,
  • A large living space arranged according to the age and needs of very young children: a play mat, games and sensory stimuli, large-sized ties, balls, etc…

The design of living spaces in the structure of the Small section, Medium Section and Older Section is of particular importance:

Classrooms and activity rooms :

Are well ventilated and well-lit, the layout is well-balanced for the child’s well-being. Our spaces designed in this way contribute significantly to the harmonious development of the day and the child’s development. This conception of the classrooms contributes to the awakening and education in accordance with the pedagogical plan, the layout of the spaces is influenced by different aspects:

  • Distribution, acoustics, lighting and colors (wall painting), safety (anti-finger pinch grips at doors, wrist height at 1m40),
  • – Tables, chairs, storage shelves and blackboards are adapted to the child’s size and the activities offered by our institution,
  • – Non-hazardous, non-toxic and regularly cleaned and disinfected games and materials for the benefit of young children,

Our classrooms and activity rooms have rest areas in the small and medium-sized sections.

Indoor playground:

An indoor play area awaits the young children who will have fun, develop their autonomy and become more sociable in a bright, colorful, air-conditioned and perfectly safe space sheltered from heat and cold. To create a cheerful atmosphere, we have thought of a ball tray, modules of different sizes, cylinders, small dinette corners, dolls and other educational games.

Psychomotricity room:

Equipped with high-performance and adequate psychomotricity equipment: carpet, skipping rope, tilting balls, different types of baby modules (hills, valleys, small point) colored mats, hoops, blocks of modules with three steps, climbing wall, ball pool, slide and an activity structure.


Comfortable children’s lounge for the reading session with a set of educational books in different languages for children.

A rest area (dormitory):

Very well equipped with bunks, cotton sheets, sun blinds, central heating, air conditioning, noise walls and sound insulation contribute to the child’s well-being.

Sanitary area:

For reasons of comfort and hygiene, we have installed more than 17 toilets (WC), about ten wash basins (the dimensions are standardized, accessible and safe for a child) and a changing table for infants.

Dining area:

Our dining areas meet the strict conditions of hygiene, comfort and safety. The installation of the dining areas and their layout varies according to the age of the child, there are three dining areas depending on the section where the child is living:
> The baby section: the children are placed in a semi-seated position on high chairs or relaxed babysitters so that the adult offering the meal is facing them to establish contact.
The medium section: for the meal the children are seated, they are reduced in number because they need an adult to sit next to them. The furniture consists of a rectangular table and small, stable and washable chairs.
The older children’s section: the children are in greater numbers; the furniture includes rectangular tables and stable and washable chairs.
Culinary area: a large, modern kitchen with all the necessary equipment.

Fitting out and equipment:

Central heating, air conditioning, hot and cold-water supply, lighting, security cameras, anti-slip and shock-resistant flooring.
Furniture: tables, chairs for the activity room, blackboards, large windows and rooms with windows and sun blinds.

An infirmary:

Equipped with a consultation bed, a first aid kit (emergency first aid …) for the children’s medical consultations.

Human resources:

Our school has human resources capable of ensuring the pedagogical, technical and sanitary supervision of the child.

Pedagogical supervision:

Our school is supervised by a qualified pedagogical director approved by the supervisory authority. She fulfils all the required conditions in terms of diplomas and professional experience with the world of early childhood.
She is attached to the manager, herself a mother and concerned about early childhood. The Educational Director in turn supervises/manages:

  • A team of qualified and well-trained educators for the proper pedagogical care of small children,
  • The teachers of drawing, theatre, dance and music,
  • Relations with the medical practice for the medical follow-up of the children,
  • Relations with parents at the pedagogical level.

Administrative and logistical support

Our administration and logistics manager has experience in the field of early childhood institutions. She supervises:

  • Hygiene services (frequent and regular cleaning) composed of cleaning ladies,
  • Catering and meal preparation,
  • Food and hygiene product supply service,
  • The administrative follow-up of personnel files,
  • The administrative and financial follow-up of the children’s enrolment with the parents.