24 Lot Chevalley,Bouzereah,Alger

psychomotricity and leisure center

Presentation of the centre and the activities on offer:

The psychomotor intervention in the nursery is based on various elements: the orientation of the pedagogical project, the parental dimension, a good knowledge of normal psychomotor development, psychomotor semiology, normal and pathological variations. This gives an idea of the stimuli to which the child is subjected. This intervention is then organized around several axes: a precise psychomotor observation of the child and a structured response in terms of care.
Through psychomotricity, the child develops 4 axes:

  • The body schema,
  • Laterality,
  • Spatial structuring,
  • Temporal structuring.

The educator’s mission is to develop her different areas of expertise according to their stage of development by proposing circuits, workshops and psychomotor games adapted to children.
All learning is based on experience. For the child, these experiences are of the order of physical experience. Each notion will therefore be approached physically. Psychomotor education is the basis of all learning. The child moves from the lived level to the manipulated and then to the represented.